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We are your Cargo Specialist

Matsu Team has handled cargo movements across all parts of the world. Our In-Depth knowledge of Trade, Technology and Territory gives you the advantage of logistics solution at the snap of your finger wherever you want to ship and whenever you want it From Export to Import our team has handled 1000s and 1000s of shipment for every destination, and we understand the nuances every shipment needs and hence our customized delivery solutions for your individual needs.


At Matsu Global we know what we commit and we deliver what we promised.


Cargo movements from anywhere across the world. Our Own offices and our Agent network is always a step closer to your needs.


Complete bouquet of Logistics Solutions depending on your cargo; we can deploy the right delivery model for your business.


Right inquiry to delivery and Custom Clearance process, our documentation saving you the trouble of worrying on the compliance.


We have the space
Our Vibrant & Dynamic Team are always responsive, responsible & reliable to find a space for your cargo.
Complete Solutions
Our Experts are your trusted partners and will ensure your Reputation is always high with your customers.
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Services Offered By Matsu

LCL Cargo
DG Handling
Ocean Freight
Air Freight
Project Cargo
ISO Handling
Customs Handling
Last Mile Connectivity

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